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Well, we write lots of books and we're the generous sort, so along with Free Shipping and our famous Forever Guarantee, we thought, 'Why Not Give Away Free Books with Youngevity Orders too?"

It makes sense to us.So we're doing exactly that. Pass the word.

Otherwise, they cost you $15 to $35 apiece. These are Physical books, not E-books, but most are also available for Kindle. Same price: free.

Typically 200-350 pages. Major works. We list your choices at https://MachBooks.Com.

With ANY Youngevity order, you can request any novel or business book found there that's under $35. We're currently writing nine novels in the 'Maiyan Nation' series. So if you don't specify, we'll send a First Edition of the latest one published. It's a yearlong project.

Really, don't order from (which we own) because you'll have to pay. Make a Youngevity order here and tell us what to send you for free.

So what's the catch? Mega Shipping and Handling charges?

Nope. Fully Free. And Forever Guaranteed too. Well, that's a cop out because how could we refund the $0.00 you spent? I guess we already did that.

We read that a credit union once kept dunning someone for $0.00 and the ONLY way that customer finally got resolution was to write them a check for $0.00 -- and that did it.

When you order, just mention that you want a book, and specify which one, if you want. We will print it and send it separately, to arrive in about 3-4 weeks. It takes that long to fire up the press and for the carrier to get it to you.

On us. Just to make your life a bit nicer than it is.

Your friends,David and Carol Mitchell 858-538-2911

P.S. Technically, you don't even have to order. In that case, we'll choose an E-book to send. You'll like it. DCMP.P.S. Our publisher wants to make a profit, so this offer might vanish. Since you saw this notice, we will honor it today, at least. DCM

What's This About a Free Book??