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Why We Are Here

We are just uncommonly blessed common folks,
who are driven to Put a Dent in Disease (tm).

To that end, we try to Make Health Easy (tm).

That means:

  1.  Selling only the best products we could find -- and that's Youngevity.
  2.  Getting to know Dr. Wallach, Dr. Ma Lan and the Youngevity Staff personally.
  3.  Consulting regularly with them for you.
  4.  Becoming an MBA and studying hard to be Youngevity's Master Nutritionists.
  5.  Selling only at Wholesale, not Retail, which is 42% higher.
  6.  Paying for your shipping costs out of our checkbook.
  7.  Paying for your sales tax out of our pocket, whenever the states allow.
  8.  Writing many books on Nutrition and Business for you.
  9.  Trying to get the rest of the world to offer a "Forever Guarantee" like ours.
10.  Inspiring our peers and competitors to offer our "Ten-Level Service".
11.  Being here for You when you need us.
12.  Praying for you, daily.  Yep, that too.

To your magnificent, growing health!