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UNTIL NOW, Autoshipping has been Troublesome for You, our favorite person.

We changed all that. Now, we do autoshipping In-House. The right way.

Our Perfect Autoship Program has these important characteristics:

1. We guarantee everything, forever.

2. You exercise complete control, up to the moment it goes in the mail.

3. You can select the frequency, from daily to 6 months.  Longer even.

4. We charge your payment method the very day we get it from Youngevity.

5. We pay the shipping.

6. No limit on how few dollars you spend.

7. You can change anything, any time.  (We do enjoy your phone calls.)

8. It's totally secure because PayPal insures the transaction. They check us and you.

9. We watch and track every delivery all the way to  you. You get Tracking Numbers too.

10. And you know how to reach us!  (Hint: Use the Contact Button above, or call 858-538-2911.)

It's such an important thing to get exactly right, that we only set it up by phone, on request.  We're at 858-538-2911 from 9-9 Pacific time, or noon to midnight Eastern.