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Ultimate Multi-EFA, 90 Capsules
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Ultimate Multi-EFA


We really enjoy MULTI-EFA for three reasons.
First is the smaller size of the softgels, making them easier to swallow.

Second is the slightly lower overall cost.

Third is the fact that these are "burpless". 

You'll notice from the Supplement Facts that there are no fish or other animal products in MULTI-EFA.  There are derived solely from Evening Primrose Oil (seed).  They were created especially for vegetarians, but many others of us prefer them for the reasons above.

It's not that I don't take the other EFAs.  I do.

As an aside, last year we decided not to mow the south 1/4 of our San Diego back yard during the summer, but to pull the few tall grassy weeds that appeared there. 

That resulted in a field of Mexican Evening Primrose flowers that lasted all May thru August.  It's May again now, and they're flowering again.  Glorious!  And they're spreading north! 

I do not know if they are the same variety, probably not.  But they are stunning.  Best of all, they just appeared by themselves and spread!

Ultimate Multi-EFA is a new smaller easy to swallow soft-gel that provides you with PLANT DERIVED EFAs that are necessary for the optimal health of adults and children.

Essential fatty acids are necessary in maintaining optimal health, but can only be obtained through diet. Ultimate Multi-EFA provides your body with the benefits of PLANT DERIVED essential fatty acids that comes in a new, smaller, easy to swallow soft-gel making it easy for anybody to consume including children


Evening Primrose Oil (seed)

Cis-Linoleic Acid (LA) 365 mg,
Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA) 45 mg,

Gelatin, Vegetable Glycerin, Purified Water.


Youngevity's Official Product Description
Personal field of Mexican Evening Primroses in our back yard.