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It's real.

Even our heirs must promise to honor it.

Youngevity gives a 30-day guarantee on everything they sell. We don't think that's quite long enough.

After all, you've been living your whole life up to now, and it's likely to take you 60-90-120 days before you have the amazing results you expect.

(Some people feel great results in as little as an hour or a week!)

So, we decided to give a 100% Forever Guarantee on anything you buy from us.  Anything.  Really!

It's on Us, not on Youngevity.  If you ask them for longer than a 30 day guarantee, well, they only give you 30 days from when you receive it.  Rarely, they will extend it.

Save your receipts please, because obviously we can't guarantee products you buy elsewhere.  But if someone else is mean to you, we'll still try to help you get it fixed.

Just contact us, via the CONTACT button above.