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Plant Derived Minerals

Our Plant Derived Minerals™ contain up to 77 minerals from prehistoric plants in their unaltered form.

Our bodies need a steady stream of these minerals (many in trace amounts) to function at a high level.

Plant Derived Minerals have a natural negative electrical charge that may enhance the transport and bioavailability of other nutrients and support the body’s natural detoxification.

Youngevity's Product Description


This product is unique.  Unique means there is only one.

It comes from prehistoric semi-shales found only in a couple places on earth. 

Years ago, a huge volanic eruption plated 200 square miles of the western United States with rock from deep within the planet. 

Over time, plants re-grew over that area.  Bushes, trees, grasses.  Their roots dug deep into the rock for the rich minerals there.  The plants absorbed the minerals through their minuscule roots, but to do so, the roots had to convert the minerals into colloids. 

Who it’s for:   Anyone seeking the full spectrum nutrition from plant-derived minerals.

What it does:   Provides up to 77 minerals from prehistoric plant minerals to help the body function properly.

What Sets This Product Apart?

  • Made with proprietary Majestic Earth® Plant Derived Minerals, sourced from prehistoric plants in their unaltered form. 
  • Unaltered minerals have been encapsulated in the earth as a pure food since prehistoric times. 
  • Extracted from humic shale 
  • May enhance the transport and bioavailability of other nutrients 
  • May support the body’s natural detoxification.

Main Ingredients and Benefits:



77 plant-derived minerals

Provides the steady stream of minerals the body needs to function at a high level. 

Ingredients:   Majestic Earth® Plant Derived Minerals, Unfiltered Water

Suggested Use
ADULTS:   mix one or two fluid ounces in a small glass of fruit or vegetable juice of your choice. Drink during or after meals, one to three times daily or as desired.

CHIDLREN: Reduce the amount by two-thirds of the adult dosage. DIRECTIONS: 1. Shake well before using. 2. Refrigerate after opening Suggested as a food for special dietary use. Plant Derived Minerals may have an unpleasant taste inn its concentrated form.

WARNING:   If you are pregnant or nursing, or taking any medications, consult your healthcare professional before using this or any other product. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

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Plant Derived Minerals. Free Shipping, Forever Guarantee
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These colloid particles are several thousand times smaller than a human cell, or a plant cell.  Thus they can get in and out easily.  They are supremely absorbable, compared with ground up rocks, coral, seashells, etc., whose particles are thousands of times large than cells.

Thus, when cells don't want particular colloidal minerals, the cells reject them, instead of accumulating them to dangerous levels.  Colloids are exactly what our cells need

One might think, chemically, that mineral ions would do the job.  After all, things like calcium ions are small.  There's a problem with that idea.  Mineral ions carry a positive electrical charge and so do our cells.  Like charges repel.  On the other hand, colloids carry negative charges, and our cells LOVE negative charges.  So our cells attract colloids.

Many hundreds of years later, another geological event capped the forest with another layer of rock.

Over time, the weight of the second rock layer compressed the nutrient rich plant material into a semi-shale that only Youngevity mines to process for you.

Youngevity has total and exclusive rights, forever, to mine this area.  There is no other area on earth so rich.  There is a similar area in China, but it's greatly deficient in minerals, so Dr. Wallach declined to buy rights to mine it.

Getting back to the USA's only geological formation:  Natural water flowing through the semi-shale turned out to be a wealth of health, because it contains up to 77 life-giving minerals.  Our bodies need at least 60 of these minerals, maybe more, and if we are deficient in any of those, one or more of about 600 diseases happens.  It's because we're starved of one or more minerals.

Unfortunately, two things conspire against humans and animals. (1) Our farmlands are increasingly depleted of minerals and (2) Minerals do Not occur uniformly in the earth.  They occur in massive bands, miles or hundreds of miles wide.  For instance, those USA mineral shales are vastly different from the Chinese shales with fewer than 30 minerals..

Since towns and cities are mostly fed from farmlands within about 100 miles, mineral deficiency in humans and in the animals humans eat -- is rampant.

Farmers COULD sow these minerals on their vast acreages, for more nutrient-rich crops.  However, doing so might increase the cost of food ten to forty times.  Imagine corn-fed beef at $100 a pound.  So such farmers would be out of business in a season.

The only Sane answer is to apply these minerals to our finished food, or to consume them directly.

And That's Exactly why Plant Derived Minerals, and even Youngevity are here.  No other company can mine these minerals.  Youngevity puts these minerals in just about everything, to help your body thrive and live long in good health with fabulous energy. 

I've passed my alloted average of years on earth, and I'm 81 years old (today) but my wife says I'm "goin' on 50". If I want to build a garage or huge patio cover, if I want to write a whole 300-page book in a month, I just do.  Incidentally, those are actual, recent events.  It's the energy from the minerals I consume.