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Zinc Fx

Boost your immune system and provide your body with optimal defense by taking a Zinc Fx lozenge that includes Zinc plus an effective botanical nutrient blend. 4 Bottles.

Zinc Fx combines immune-boosting Zinc a protective food and nutrient blend plus a trace mineral blend.

The powerful combination of Zinc and an effective botanical nutrient blend in an easily dissolvable lozenge will help support a healthy immune system and optimal defenses when you need it most.

Zinc Fx can be taken daily for optimal immune-boosting support.

Youngevity's Official Product Description
Zinc fx
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Almost Zero Colds for decades.

Decades before American Longevity and Youngevity, my mother read in Nutrition News, that sucking on zinc lozenges (not the tiny pills) prevents colds.  As a result, colds in our seven-member family dropped to nil.  Ditto for flu, and Corona is related to flu.

You must be quick.  At the first sign of a sore throat, grab a lozenge.  Repeat if needed.  If there's nasal congestion, take an antihistimine.  I have had one cold in the past ten years.

I'm convinced that I've been exposed to Corona and I know I didn't get it.  I think this is one reason, but I can't claim that, nor show empirical data to support that belief.  Now, I'm vaccinated.

These lozenges taste good.  Some others you can buy over the counter taste nasty.

You really need a bottle in your medicine cabinet.  They're cheap.

I've had more luck with 15 and 20mg zincs over the years, so I take one of these and if the sore throat isn't gone in an hour, I repeat up to about four in a day.

Large discounts when buying 4 or 6 in a pack, but I don't need them that often.  Some people take one a day, and I think that's wise.