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POPULAR On-The-Go Healthy Body Start Pak 2.0
$79.95 wholesale, not $99.99 retail
Two for $149.95 wholesale, not $186.99 retail, an 11% discount

Youngevity's Official Product Description

Keep your body fueled, while On-The-Go, with the 90 essential nutrients recommended by Dr. Wallach for optimal health!

Take your 90 essential nutrients wherever you go with the On-The-Go Healthy Body Start Pak 2.0.

This Pak includes vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids required for optimal health.

The On-The-Go Healthy Body Start Pak 2.0 contains 30 packets, each includes:

BTT 2.0 (4 tablets)

Ultimate Mineral Caps (1 capsule)

Ultimate CAL (1 capsule)

Ultimate EFA Plus (1 soft-gel)

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This highly popular pak makes a lot of sense. People are smart, and that's probably why it's so popular.

Of course it makes sense for over-the-road truckers, who need to stay alert and fit and healthy to make an income.  They buy the pak in droves.

Vacationers do too.  It's much easier to give the kids a drink and a pak in the car or at the motel pool, instead of mixing  up and icing down a nutritional beverage.

And at the office, or in the military.  One can get a bottle of water at the canteen and take the pills, easier than, well you know the rest.

In the Army, you want to be better than other people, for obvious reasons.  Pro ball players choose this Pak.

What I ESPECIALLY like about this pak is that it contains BTT 2.0 Tablets. 

To this date (9/11/21) nothing has approached their extreme 160,000 ORAC antioxidant value.  Antioxidants fight inflammation in the body, and BTT 2.0 tablets are better than anything else. 

On the road, on a military exercise, even on a vacation, we're resting less and doing more.  That stresses the body.  Yes, it's good stress, because it helps the body become better. The whole idea of training is to stress the body so it will heal stronger. But any stress needs to be countered by the body's healing process, or it becomes bad stress.

Nothing helps better than the BTT 2.0 tablets. 

I can't say that for the newer BTT 2.5 tablets, not yet, because the testing results aren't in.

However, I do favor the newer BTT 2.5 powder, for other reasons, like Methylfolate.  I alternate with both.

On-The-Go Healthy Body Start Pak
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