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We don't like those 5-25 page legal, disclaimers most companies call Privacy Statements.

Mostly, they are there for one purpose: to limit the liability if they get sued. To us, that practice is onerous, at the least.

We keep it simple.  Nobody, but us can access your private information, ever.  And "us" means just the people who work in this office.  There are five of "us" all in the same family.  Well, if crooks burgle our house, get past two door locks and rifle our files in a locked filing cabinet before we shred, technically it's possible. We know of no burglaries in our quiet neighborhood, ever, so that's really unlikely.

We pledge to you NEVER to reveal your valuable information to anyone. That said, we know that some judge could try to force it, but somehow, we think even that would fail, because we simply don't keep the information.  So, if someone SPAMs you, it wasn't us.  We don't TELEMARKET, either.

We will never put your credit card or social security number on any computer we own or control. Never.

We hope you will use PayPal to pay. One of "us" worked in their fraud department and taught us all that we can absolutely trust them. They pay us and we don't see your credit card information. That's the best.

We also accept your credit card information, but not by computer. Phone only. So, next time you order, we'll ask for it again. We don't keep it.

We secure your private information until no longer needed, and we shred.

That's the bst way to do business. It's the only right way.