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  We're throwing a virtual party to celebrate our new website.  It's that simple. 

 But wait, at a party, Gifts are traditional, aren't they? 

  That they are! And with virtual ribbons attached, here is yours. 
 No strings attached, just sweet, bright, virtual ribbons.

 You see, we aren't allowed to advertise prices lower than we do, but ...
 Nobody wants to keep us from giving gifts to our friends! 

 And that's exactly what we're doing, as long as this message appears on our
brand-new website.  Oh yes, an absolutely Free Book too.

 As you might know, we're Absolutely Ancient in the Youngevity business. Only this website is new. We were in Youngevity before it was Youngevity, and we've known Dr. Wallach more than Two Decades. His products saved one of us when San Diego's finest doctors gave up all hope. Really! And we're certain two more of us would not be alive today, except for these vaulted products. So, we celebrate. And celebrate more.
It's our joy of life showing.

 Our virtual gift to you is to SEND YOU 10% CASH BACK ON EVERY ORDER. 

  You can make that as 'Significant' a free gift as you want.
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