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If you want to lose weight and create a healthy lifestyle this is the kit for you! Each pack provides broad spectrum foundation nutrition and includes

Beyond Tangy Tangerine - 420g canister (1),

Ultimate EFA PLUS - 90 soft gels (1),

Beyond Osteo-fx - 32 oz (1)

Slender Fx™ REV™ (1)

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Youngevity's Official Product Description


I have had and seen outstanding results from using REV.  Place a dropperful under the tongue and let it sit the required time, then swallow.

I'm not heavy, but the few times I have wanted to lose a few pounds of girth, REV does the trick.

Our sales of REV and its near-twin ASAP are steady, indicating to me that it must work well for other folks.  We've never had one of these weight loss paks returned.

This PAK marries it with the Healthy Body Start Pak components, which are long-proven to give us the essential minerals, vitamins, amino acids and EFAs we need, to be healthy.  I write "need" on purpose.  Lacking any of these, we'll catch some condition we don't want.

At age 81 going on 51, I'm an indicator that they work. 

Can't claim anything, but here's the thing.  Don't need to.  We offer a Forever Guarantee, and if we were getting these back, we wouldn't be able to offer it.

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Healthy Body Weight Loss Pak Original