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Who’s it for:  Anyone looking to support weight loss.   

What it does:  May help support  weight los s with a blend of unique ingredients   

What sets this product apart?  

  • Supports the metabolism of fat and carbohydrates  

  •  Supports thermogenesis for a more efficient use of calories  

  • Helps support  a healthy   appetite  

  • Supports  h ealthy  b lood  s ugar  l evels  

Main Ingredient / Benefit   



Garcinia cambogia-fruit extract  

May help the body  from storing fat by inhibiting citrate lyase, an enzyme that aids
in fat storage. Garcinia cambogia 
may also help support a healthy  appetite and
promote a feeling of fullness

Raspberry ketones  

Some studies have found that it may help support weight loss.   


An amino acid that may help reduce appetite and aid with weight loss.   


May help support a healthy appetite, metabolic health and may also help reduce
cravings due to fatigue. 


Ingredients :   Chromium,  MetaBIOlize ™ Proprietary Metabolic Formula (Green coffee bean extract, Garcinia cambogia-fruit extract, 
Raspberry  ketones),  ThermoSaf ™ Proprietary Thermogenic-Health Formula (L-theanine, Theobromine, Potato protein extract,
Gelatin, Magnesium stearate, Black pepper, Silicon dioxide.

Suggested Use:  Take one capsule 30 minutes before a meal, three times a day.   

Warning:   Consult  your healthcare professional prior to use if you have a medical condition, are taking prescription drugs,
or are pregnant or lactating. Because chromium may en
hance insulin sensitivity and affect glucose levels, diabetics and
hypoglycemics should consult their healthcare provider
 before using this product. Keep out of reach of children.  </SPA

REDUCE  for weight loss

Youngevity's Official Product Description

A proprietary blend thatsupports your body's metabolism with unique ingredients that focuson helping you achieve a healthy weight when combined with diet and regular exercise.